US plasma collection

Donor enrolment and reimbursement

Welcome to the donor sign up page. We would very much like to get in touch with you if you know or suspect that you have antibodies to HPA-1a and may serve as a donor.

On this page you can register as a donor and share information that will enable us to enroll you in the program if you pass two medical checks. The first will be done by your local physician which is the reason we need information about your local physician. The second test will be done by the center where you donate plasma.

To start the registration process, please first provide us with the following personal information. We need this information in order to pay you compensation for your time and travel. If you choose to donate plasma anonymously, we cannot pay this compensation.

Locations for plasma collection site

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  • Personal information

  • Local physician

  • Selection of donation site

    Please use our map below to find your closest donation site and select this site in the drop-down menu. The sites are numbered for easy identification.
  • Agreement

    I understand that the information I list when signing up as a PROFNAIT plasma donor also will be shared by the PROFNAIT collaborator New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center (below called Weill Cornell). I understand that in order to be a PROFNAIT plasma donor, my blood will be analyzed for the concentration of anti-HPA-1a antibodies. I would like to be contacted by phone and email by a representative from Weill Cornell to receive more information of how to perform the anti-HPA-1a antibody analysis. I would like to be contacted by Weill Cornell to know if my anti-HPA-1a antibody levels qualify for PROFNAIT plasma donation. I understand that the analysis performed on my blood samples may be used for research purposes not yet defined, but of relevance for the field of Fetal/Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia.
  • Dette feltet er for valideringsformål og skal stå uendret.