Mothers, we need your help!

The drug that we will use to prevent FNAIT can only be made from plasma from women who have previously given birth to an FNAIT child.

Please sign up as plasma donor, if you have given birth to an FNAIT child and want to help us save the lives of babies at risk of developing FNAIT

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Some excessive bleedings in foetuses and neonates occur because there are too few blood platelets to stop the bleeding. This may be caused by Foetal Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (FNAIT).


is an EU-funded collaborative project aiming to develop a safe new treatment that prevents excessive bleeding in foetuses and newborns caused by FNAIT.


Plasma from women who have had a foetus/child with FNAIT is needed to produce the new drug that can prevent FNAIT. We strongly encourage these women to donate plasma for production of this drug.


Prophylix has with the continuous support of members and our plasma collection partners in the US succeeded in collecting enough plasma for the first 2 batches of NAITgam. With these two batches we can complete the clinical development of NAITgam. A third batch will not be required until the full development program is completed and Prophylix is ready to apply for marketing authorizations with the regulatory authorities in Europe and North America.

Since plasma is a biological product with a limited shelf-life and because we do not need more plasma now, Prophylix has decided to put the collection of further plasma on hold. Prophylix is currently discussing the endpoints of last collections with our collaborate blood establishments and we will reach out to the donors with more specific information. We at Prophylix and our PROFNAIT partners highly appreciate the huge efforts that everybody involved has made to bring us a very important step closer to preventing FNAIT and a deep felt thank you goes to all of you donors and to We very much hope to see you all again when it is time to resume the plasma collection program. will notify all of its members when that happens.
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