Mothers, we need your help!

The drug that we will use to prevent FNAIT can only be made from plasma from women who have previously given birth to an FNAIT child.

Please sign up as plasma donor, if you have given birth to an FNAIT child and want to help us save the lives of babies at risk of developing FNAIT

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Some excessive bleedings in foetuses and neonates occur because there are too few blood platelets to stop the bleeding. This may be caused by Foetal Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (FNAIT).


is an EU-funded collaborative project aiming to develop a safe new treatment that prevents excessive bleeding in foetuses and newborns caused by FNAIT.


Plasma from women who have had a foetus/child with FNAIT is needed to produce the new drug that can prevent FNAIT. We strongly encourage these women to donate plasma for production of this drug.


Donor of 2015: Elizabeth Brewer!

Elizabeth Brewer, Bellbrook, Ohio, is one of our precious donors, who helped us collect more than 450 L blood plasma in total so far. The plasma contains anti-HPA-1a antibodies, which will constitute the active substance in NAITgam; the prophylactic treatment we develop against FNAIT. Prophylix and the PROFNAIT consortium are very happy to have you onboard our donor team Elizabeth; thank you so much for your important donations on a monthly basis (sometimes even twice/month).

Below, Elizabeth tells her story of how FNAIT affected her family: ”I had never heard of Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia until I was at my 20 week appointment finding out that our baby was a little girl. I had just lost my son 6 months earlier and had suffered a miscarriage 11 months before that. They had told me my son had suffered some unknown genetic fluke and my next pregnancy would be fine. When I received the diagnosis, it was very scary, hearing about all of the IVIG treatments I would have to endure, the prednisone and all the doctor appointments. Most of all I was scared to lose another baby. Luckily everything for the remaining 16 weeks of pregnancy went well and we had a beautiful baby girl on August 14, 2012. Losing my son Ben and having such a worrisome pregnancy with Emma is what makes donating to Profnait so important to me. I want to do everything I possibly can do to help other families avoid heartache like ours experienced.”

Prophylix and the PROFNAIT project would like to show our great gratitude to all our plasma donors. Thank you for your important contribution!
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The Profnait webpage is now up and running again!

-Magnus Seppola-
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